INGMARSON chooses Ecoknitware to knit its vibrant range of eco friendly and sustainable woolen scarves. Produced Locally in London.

EcoKnitware is excited to announce they are producing INGMARSON's new range of bold statement cushions knitted in London.

Wild Tiger Lifestyle x1zkyw

The cushions are being knitted by EcoKnitware locally in London on a digital knitting machine manufactured by Kniterate. The knit is made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, for a super soft and luxurious touch.

Wild Tiger Lilac Front gpl8yq

The cushion inner is has a 100% sheep wool filling which is anti allergy, eco friendly and sustainable scoured British sheep's wool, encased in a cream 100% cotton cambric.

Wild Tiger Turquoise Front supqo1

The cushions are available for purchase from INGMARSON and 25 trees will be protected for each sale through OneTribe.

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