Kikina Designs Knitwear Capsule

EcoKnitware is working together with Kikina Designs to produce her capsule knitwear collection inspired by Russian culture, arts, and the 90s aesthetics.

Kikina Designs is a London-based graphic designer. She draws inspiration from her home country Russia and its culture, arts, and 90's fashion. Autumn 2021, EcoKnitware was asked to bring Kikina's graphics to life in a capsule collection of two-colour jacquard scarfs.

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With a focus on natural materials and eye-catching prints, the project took shape and ended in a playful, yet modern look.

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The scarves are being produced by EcoKnitware locally in London on a digital knitting machine manufactured by Kniterate. EcoKnitware only produces small quantities or made-to-order for Kikina Designs, making sure there is no dead stock by the end of the season.

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Only the finest materials have been used in the knitting process with fully traceable and sustainable yarns sourced from Italy.

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