Odd Wiring: Scarves

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Neurodiverse brains are quite literally wired differently to neurotypical brains. The pathways that allow parts of the brain to communicate with each other (and the whole nervous system) can be mixed up in a huge number of different ways. This allows neurodiverse people to have special skills, but also disadvantages in a world that is designed for neurotypical brains. These scarves open a little more conversation around what neurodiversity actually is, sparking communication in unexpected situations.

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ADHD is a complex condition that is under-researched and under communicated. Undiagnosed ADHD can have serious implications; people with ADHD are 5 times more likely to have attempted suicide than those without, and it's estimated that amongst adults treated for substance addictions, 25% have ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD present very differently in men to women, meaning that whilst male ADHD often gets identified in childhood, many women go undiagnosed way into adulthood, with the average age range of diagnosis in women being 30–40 (seriously delayed). It's even estimated that 75% of women in the UK with ADHD are still as yet undiagnosed, due to misinformation, lack of awareness and improper identification during younger years.

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The good news is that awareness and treatment improves the experience of ADHD exponentially. 10% of the profits from these scarves will be donated to ADHD awareness and support charity ADHDUK – helping spread truthful information and supporting those with ADHD; diagnosed or awaiting diagnosis.

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