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We received a request to produce a one off, personalised scarf for a birthday present. An example image was provided to us as the concept, and we were requested to knit initials into the scarf to give it that unique, personalised look.

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The initial concept was turned into a pixel perfect design using Sketch, and then imported into the Kniteate digital design software.

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Using the two colour jacquard option, we were able to create a fully reversible pattern and once this was completed, we used the software to automatically add the bind-on and bind-off sections which would allow us to knit the scarf with no additional linking requirements.

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Once knitted, the scarf is steamed ready for boxing and sending in sustainable packaging in time for the birthday.

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One happy birthday lady who now has a unique beautiful personalised scarf.

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Scarves are being produced by EcoKnitware locally in London on a digital knitting machine manufactured by Kniterate. They are being knitted with fully traceable and sustainable yarns sourced from Italy.

EcoKnitware is working in close partnership with INGMARSON. The have designed a beautiful range of scarves in different designs and customisable colours. They are available for purchase for just £75 and 25 trees will be protected for each sale through OneTribe.

Personalised scarves are available to be designed and knitted by EcoKnitware starting at £85 for that special occasion.

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